Hello, I'm Suzanne Jackson. The YogaSing Method is a revolutionary approach to yoga designed specifically for singers, performers, and public speakers. Ten years ago we released YogaSing which introduced a series of gentle, invigorating poses in which muscles are toned, flexibility and lung capacity increased, and the mind\body connection enhanced.

As I deepened my yoga practice, I learned more about the energy body and introduced this concept through my second DVD entitled YogaSing II (ChakraWakening). In ChakraWakening, the Chakra system is explained in detail and movements and poses to invigorate each energy center are demonstrated.

As the years passed I worked more with the Physical and Energy bodies. I decided to complete the series with a DVD that addressed the spiritual side of life. The postures in Wordless Prayer combine poses for the Physical Body, Energy Body and Spirit Body to create a holistic approach to preparing the body for song and daily life.

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Her enthusiasm and dedication to educating herself and others is infectious. She is a role model for the artists she comes in contact with. 
Placido Domingo

Suzanne Jackson is at the top of her field in teaching yoga for singers. 
Christiane Boles | Washington National Opera

I cannot say enough positive about Suzanne Jackson. She led my students through a completely new and healthy way of breath support, relaxation and technique for vocalists that this should be a requirement of all vocal studios. YogaSing is not just yoga for singers; it's yoga for the holistic person and an amazing way to approach vocal pedagogy. All vocalists should experience YogaSing regardless of their experience!
Dr. Allyson Roberts | PA Leadership Charter School, Music Department Chair

She has a unique approach that builds self confidence through her expertise in training the voice. Suzanne is literally changing lives with her passion for helping young people find their true voices! 
Kathy Samworth