About YogaSing

YogaSing is the combination of the physical and spiritual freedom of yoga with vocal technique and training. YogaSing will expand your breath support, free your voice, allow for lifelong vocal and spiritual health, and much more.

Suzanne Jackson - VOICE & YOGA LIFE COACH

Suzanne Jackson

As a teacher of yoga and voice, Suzanne Jackson helps people find their true voice and personal destiny through music, movement and meditation.


Suzanne received her master’s degree in voice from the University of Maryland and spent 25 years on stage at the Kennedy Center as a resident artist with the Washington National Opera. In 1997, she took her first yoga class and knew the practice would change her life. She began an in depth study of yoga and for the past 20 years she has taught as a Kripalu and Kundalini certified teacher. She combined her knowledge of yoga and voice to create her method of conscious singing entitled YogaSing ™ which she teaches at opera companies, universities and conferences throughout the country. Suzanne was the first person to bring formal yoga training into the opera world as she worked with Placido Domingo’s Young Artist Programs and Operalia Competitions. As director of The Awakening Arts Studio, her clients have graced the stages of the world’s major opera houses, Broadway and most recently the world of Pop music as she works with recording artists directly in the studio. She is also a Voice and Yoga Coach for Emma Stone and had the privilege of preparing her for her Broadway debut in Cabaret.

Suzanne’s gifts as a teacher are so immense that I mean it when I say her teaching is life changing and has brought me into a different, much higher level of understanding of myself and my art. She helped me find my true voice. – Emma Stone, actress

Why do singers need YogaSing in their lives?

by Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber

Since YogaSing is specifically designed for singers, it is an excellent way for them to raise their body awareness, be physically active in a way that is beneficial rather than detrimental to their instrument, and to learn how to calm the mind. YogaSing helps singers build core strength and awareness, which improves breath management, helps provide more stamina, and encourages ease of movement onstage.

YogaSing also reinforces the fact that every movement—physical and vocal alike—is rooted in the breath. Singers must understand that just like there is no sound without breath, there is no movement without it either; in other words, it is just as important for physical movement to be “on the breath” as it is for the voice. Moving with the breath and from the core keeps the body from tiring and helps singers’ gestures and movements to look more authentic and energized on stage.

YogaSing also provides singers with a tool to handle the nerves, anxiousness, and pressure that often come with the performing world. Physical movement itself helps to reduce stress, and breathing techniques such as satala, alternate nostril, and kapalubati can take the feeling of inner calm and confidence to the next level. The asana that concentrate on balance also focus the mind and therefore encourage a sense of oneness between the physical and emotional bodies.

YogaSing is awareness. And when singers are truly aware, they can nurture their instrument with whatever it requires to do its absolute best. Awareness of how the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes are interconnected also helps singers to know themselves, and there is great power and potential in that knowledge. In short, singers who are aware have the ability to give authentic expression and connection to everything they do, and in so doing, transport both themselves and their audiences. And that is what singing is all about.