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During this unpredictable and isolating time, we are offering daily lessons made by Suzanne Jackson and her team in a plethora of disciplines to keep you engaged and inspired through creativity in the arts! Create your own Summer Camp with virtual and/or in person lessons. *Please note that courses will be available starting in September, and courses will be continued to be added throughout the year! Be on the lookout here on our website as well as on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new courses, masterclasses, and other special events!

Check out our newest available curriculum and bring summer camp to your HOME!

We are bringing the annual tradition of Camp Create to your home at a discounted price! With 5 days full of lessons through videos and at-home exercises, Summer Camp is coming to you, so don't miss out!
On top of these amazing, fun lessons, you have the option to reach out to Suzanne for private lessons in yoga, singing, acting and dance for all ages and skill levels at an additional cost. Stay in touch with your art, creativity, and learning from the comfort of your home with the brand-new Virtual Camp Create Arts Curriculum!
Even better still, these courses are yours for 6 months to use, watch, and learn as you please!!!


Yoga Wakening

Gently awaken to a beautiful day! YogaWakening is a ten minute morning yoga routine to begin your day. We awaken in supine position in bed or on our mats and work our way to standing mountain pose and gently salute the sun. Filmed at beautiful Longwood Gardens, colorful flowers and tranquil music accompany the practice.


Through this course, Suzanne Jackson introduces the concept of the energy body, explains the qualities of each energy center and gives movements through Yoga and QiGong to awaken the Chakras within. The menu consists of an Introduction, History of the Chakras and the ChakraWakening Routine for Chakras One through Seven. Suzanne also include a 10 minute Whole Body Chakra Warm up so when you have limited time, you can align!

The Essence of Yoga

The Essence of Yoga is an Intergenerational Yoga Class suitable for all ages and levels of expertise. Tao, Suzanne and Becca bring together movement, breath, nature and meditation for a beautiful class. Filmed at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pa.

Wordless Prayer

Be Still and Know... Wordless Prayer is an invitation to a new prayer form. By weaving movement through prayer, the body, mind, and spirit combine into a whole body prayer bringing an innate connection to God, the creator. Poses from Yoga and QiGong and postures of silence combine to create a flowing river of moving prayer.

Twelve Simple Words

A Word a Day. A Word a Week. A Word a Month. The beauty of this course is that you can listen closely and go at your own rhythm. Twelve Simple Words brings movement from Yoga and ChiGong to Brian McLaren's book entitled Naked Spirituality. Each of the twelve words has an introduction from Brian and accompanying movements by Suzanne. We hope that bringing in this insight and movement will deepen your experience.


Introduction to Ballet & Jazz Technique: Grades K-5

A 4-Day course in Introductory Ballet and Jazz Technique led by Dance Teacher Rachel for young, aspiring artists grades K-5. With 2 parts to both the Ballet and Jazz curriculums, these 10-15 minute instructional videos will help kickstart your child's interest in dance and the artists, while getting them active and engaged in the work!

Introduction to Ballet & Jazz Technique: Grades 6-12

In this course 5 day course, our Dance Instructor Marc will introduce you to Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary Dance Styles through engaging technique exercises and exciting combinations! Follow along to these in-depth, instructional videos to get a taste of the world of dance...


An Introduction to The Michael Chekhov Technique for Actors: Grades 9-12

Our Dance and Acting Instructor Marc introduces you to an advanced acting technique developed by actor Michael Chekhov through instructional videos and practical, research-based activities. This movement-based technique focuses on sensation and feeling leading an actor to emotion. It is engaging, energizing and highly informative for the modern actor, so get ready to PLAY as we explore our bodies to find and access the raw emotions inside of us!

Penny the Piano Curriculum

Children's Book and Parent Activity Guide

Join Penny as she travels from an elementary school chorus room to the stage of the National Opera! She has many experiences that help her to find the home within herself. Once we can find that special home, our life is full of freedom and excitement!

Soulful Kids Discussion and Activity Guide

The Penny the One of a Kind Piano: Soulful Kids Discussion and Activity Guide is designed to facilitate easeful, enjoyable discussions between parent or teacher and child based on Penny’s musical journey of self- discovery. The Guide has 10 themed units to be used along with reading Penny the One of a Kind Piano. Each unit has simple, pre-planned activities, coordinating music selections and discussion questions to help guide children into a gentle but profound realization that each child is uniquely created for a special purpose, and can be loved and accepted for who they are. This acceptance is the basis for the “home” within us that gives children the basis to live their own one of a kind life with heart and soul.

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